Additional Features

Additional Features

There are a number of optional features you can bolt on to your Virtual Telephone Number some of which are FREE, others which incur a small charge. Details of the features are below and most can be automatically added to your account when you register, or at a later date when you login.

FREE Features

  • Call Statistics. Provide you with a comprehensive picture of traffic being received by your Virtual Phone Number. Incoming calls can be studied to see where they originated geographically, how many calls were received, when they were received and the duration of each call. Call Statistics also show how many calls were answered, how quickly and perhaps more importantly how many were missed - invaluable information when assessing staffing levels by day and time-of-day.
  • Voicemail. We provide you a network based voicemail box to answer calls after a specified time. Any messages left are E-Mailed to an address of your choice and can also be accessed from any telephone worldwide by using our remote dial-in facility.
  • Hunt Groups. Call Hunting reduces the risk of loosing a call if the line is engaged or unattended. You can have multiple numbers that your Virtual Telephone Number will try and call in the event that the first destination number is either busy or unattended. This can be done either simultaneously (i.e. first to answer the call is connected) or in sequence (i.e. diverts to another destination after a prescribed time period).

Advanced Features

Live Monitoring Call Recording Interactive Voice Response

Provides you with a permanent record of all calls received. They can be invaluable as a training device or to recall and verify information to quickly resolve disputes and complaints.

£5.00 per month
0.75 pence per minute

Enables you to listen in on calls being received by your staff. You can intervene without the customers knowledge and direct your staff on the best way to handle the call.


Interactive Voice Response, known as IVR, is a simple multiple choice keypad routing system. "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts" etc.

IVR can be as complex as you wish with each initial number having subsequent choices.


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