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Virtually Local can supply telephone numbers in any area of the country.
These are often referred to as ghost numbers, or geographic numbers.
We believe that getting a Virtual phone number should be quick, easy and economical. That's why our service is the most competitively priced, includes no setup charges and is activated immediately.

Local 01/02 Numbers

Advertise in an area where you have no physical presence and expand your company's perceived size without the expense of increased staffing or premises.

Customers feel more comfortable dialling a local phone number.


Non-Geographic 03 Numbers

Have a single point of contact in areas where you have no physical presence, without customers having to pay extra to call you.

Calls made to 0333 numbers are included in any inclusive minutes packages and must cost no more than a normal call to a national 01 or 02 number.

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Online Portal

You are in full control of your virtual landline at all times.

Use our secure portal to change the destination number(s), activate voicemail, view call statistics, access/download call recordings and much more.