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Virtual Numbers get you noticed!

Memorable gold & platinum numbers are easy to remember and get more calls.
Stand out from your competitors and increase the perceived size of your business.
A one-off investment that future proofs the look and feel of your advertising.
Ideal for any size of business wanting to stand out from the crowd.
Prices starting from just £85.00, one off and contract free.
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Help your business leave a lasting impression with a great looking silver or gold memorable telephone number from just £85 (inc. VAT)!

Brand Focus

Using a memorable phone number on your website, vehicles and stationery is a key part of standing out from the crowd. 

An easy to remember number is a one off investment and will make sure your customers keep coming back to you.

Never Changes

Another advantage of using a Virtually Local telephone number is that it never changes if or when you move. 

Your number stays with you; meaning no need to spend time updating all your customers with new contact information.

Get More Calls

Studies show that businesses with memorable or easy-to-dial telephone numbers receive up to 73% more calls compared to those that advertise a mobile or standard number.

Choose from thousands of numbers!

Mobile App

The Virtually Local App, allows you to make calls presenting your memorable number to your customers.  Integrated into your existing address book, this is the perfect tool to separate work and personal calls.

Choose Online

All our numbers are ready and available for immediate connection.  Simply choose a number and subscription plan.

Start now!  View our huge selection of numbers online by clicking here

Works with all phone systems

If you have an existing telephone system you can still use one of our memorable numbers.  Simply divert your memorable number to a number already on your telephone system.

Choose from thousands of memorable numbers, here are just a few…

  • London 0203 143 4444 – £195

  • London 0203 143 9898 – £85

  • London 0203 143 5432 – £195

  • Manchester 0161 821 7000 – £195

  • Manchester 0161 821 5001 – £85

  • Manchester 0161 821 6789 – £195

  • Birmingham 0121 403 9000 – £195

  • Birmingham 0121 403 5757 – £85

  • Birmingham 0121 403 7654 – £195

  • Liverpool 0151 388 4000 – £195

  • Liverpool 0151 388 0100 – £85

  • Liverpool 0151 388 9393 – £85

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What can a better phone number do for my business?

Memorable telephone numbers make your business look more professional, well established and trustworthy.  Silver and Gold numbers show that you have invested in your customers experience and strive to offer a high quality service.

Numbers that are easy to remember receive more calls and are a great way for customers to remember your business and stand out from the crowd.

Can I choose my number?

Yes!  We have thousands of memorables numbers available in nearly every area of the UK.
Click here to see what memorable numbers we have available.

How much does it cost to have a memorable number?

Our memorable numbers are graded silver, gold, and platinum.  The cost of each number is displayed next to it. 
The cost to buy a number is one-off.  You will also need a features/minutes  package, which is a small monthly fee. Click here to see our plans.

How do I make outbound calls from my memorable number?

When subscribing to the business package or higher, you can download our free app which enables you to make outbound calls to anywhere in the UK whilst presenting your memorable number and not revealing your personal mobile.  The app integrates seemlessly into your existing address book so you can easily dial any new or saved contacts.

I already have a phone system. Can I still get a memorable number?

Yes.  All of our memorable numbers can be forwarded to any UK landline or mobile.  If you have an exisiting phone system you simply need to forward your memorable number via our portal to an existing number on your phone system. All diverts are seemless and the caller will not know their call has been forwarded.

I have a memorable number elsewhere. Can I use your service?

Yes.  We believe we are the most competitively priced service available and we can ‘port’ your existing number across on to our network.  For more information please call us on 0161 821 1000. 

Is the number mine for life?

Yes.  Once you purchase a silver, gold, or platinum number it is yours for life.  You will need to a monthly plan with us, which starts from as little as £2.95 (inc. VAT) per month.

If you wish to change provider in the future you can take your number with you, subject to our terms and conditions of service.